Solar panels in series and parallel


Solar panels in series and parallel, Connections and calculations.

The content in this course aims to teach you the meaning of installing solar panels in series and parallel.

  • Why would we connect panels in series or parallel?
  • How many panels, or power, should we install?
  • Is there a maximum amount of power we can install depending on the solar box (charger and inverter) that we have or choose?

The above are some of the questions that you will be able to answer after taking this brief course.

The course is complementary to other courses we offer, including:

  • Practical course on Photovoltaic Solar Power

    The above teaches you about solar systems with a focus on off-grid solar systems. These are those systems that do not depend on the grid. They used solar equipment and batteries only.

  • A practical course on solar energy: Grid-tied systems

    The above teaches you about solar systems with a focus on grid-tied solar systems. There are those systems that use solar energy when available and the grid when solar energy is not available.

The content of this course is divided into three sections:

1. Solar energy and the solar panel

2. Installation (how to put panels on a frame: example)

3. Calculations: series and parallel

3.1 Power calculation

3.2 Panels in series

3.2 panels in parallel

3.3 Solar panels: panels series and parallel

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