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Data Structures Algorithm DSA | Python+Javascript LEETCODE, Ultimate 25 days coding interview bootcamp. DSA, BigO, Coding Interview Patterns Python Javascript Get the job you want!

course Description

Student Testimonials:

  • “The teacher excels in explaining complex concepts clearly.” – Liam Bailes
  • “The course is a rare find for in-depth knowledge.” – Mark Corrigan
  • “Well-structured and thorough preparation for DSA.” – Ankur Saxena
  • “Easy to grasp concepts in a single go.” – Shaik Asrar
  • “Effortless concept assimilation.” – Elisha Benjamin
  • “A great foundation in DSA.” – Prince Roy Sharma
  • “Simplifies understanding DSA.” – Rahul
  • “Clarifies program complexity.” – Amritesh Kumar Singh
  • “Clarified Big O notation for me.” – Aaron Engelmann
  • “Excellent for problem-solving and reasoning.” – Parth
  • “Comprehensive overview of Data Structures.” – Newton
  • “Highly recommended for Tier 1 company preparation.” – Dennis Paul

About the Course:

Welcome to the Coding Interview Bootcamp with a focus on Python and JavaScript!

The primary goal of this course is to prepare you for coding interviews at top tech companies. By tackling one problem at a time and understanding its solution, you’ll accumulate a variety of tools and techniques for conquering any coding interview.

Daily Coding Challenges:

The course is structured around daily coding challenges. Consistent practice will equip you with the skills required for coding interviews and allow you to practice on Leetcode.

Topics Covered:

We start from the basics with Big O analysis, cover common data structures, and discuss real-life problems asked in interviews at tech giants like Google, Meta, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Microsoft.

For each question, we will:

  1. Discuss the optimal approach
  2. Explain time and space complexity
  3. Code the solution in JavaScript (you can follow along in your preferred language)

Additional Resources:

The course includes downloadable resources, motivational trackers, and cheat sheets.

Course Outline:

  • Day 1: Arrays, Big O, Sorted Squared Array, Monotonic Array
  • Day 2: Arrays, Rotate Array, Container with Most Water
  • Day 3: Hash Tables, Two Sum, Isomorphic Strings
  • Day 4: Recursion, Fibonacci, Power Sum
  • Day 5: Recursion, Permutations, Power Set
  • Day 6: Strings, Non-Repeating Character, Palindrome
  • Day 7: Strings, Longest Unique Substring, Group Anagrams
  • Day 8: Searching, Binary Search, Search in Rotated Sorted Array
  • Day 9: Searching, Find First and Last Position, Search in 2D Array
  • Day 10: Sorting, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort
  • Day 11: Sorting, Selection Sort, Merge Sort
  • Day 12: Sorting, Quick Sort, Radix Sort
  • Day 13: Singly Linked Lists, Construct SLL, Delete Duplicates
  • Day 14: Singly Linked Lists, Reverse SLL, Cycle Detection
  • Day 15: Singly Linked Lists, Find Duplicate, Add 2 Numbers
  • Day 16: Doubly Linked Lists, DLL Remove Insert, DLL Remove All
  • Day 17: Stacks, Construct Stack, Reverse Polish Notation
  • Day 18: Queues, Construct Queue, Implement Queue with Stack
  • Day 19: Binary Trees, Construct BST, Traversal Techniques
  • Day 20: Binary Trees, Level Order Traversal, Left/Right View
  • Day 21: Binary Trees, Invert Tree, Diameter of Tree
  • Day 22: Binary Trees, Convert Sorted Array to BST, Validate BST
  • Day 23: Heaps, Max Heap, Min Priority Queue
  • Day 24: Graphs, BFS, DFS
  • Day 25: Graphs, Number of Connected Components, Topological Sort

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