Complete Piano Course In The Key Of C Sharp Major


Complete Piano Course In The Key Of C Sharp Major, Learn how to play the piano in the key of C Sharp.

Learning the piano can be a challenging task especially when you don’t have a teacher to take you through a defined learning path. In this course, I will take you step by step from the basics of the major scale to the use of chords and progressions when playing songs.

All the explanations will be done in the key of C Sharp from the beginning to the end to help you understand the concepts progressively. I  choose to teach using this approach because moving from one key to another can be very challenging for beginning piano players.

The course includes practical song examples ranging from hymns to praise and worship songs popular in churches around the world. Our main focus is on playing church music. Piano players playing in church will find this course very beneficial.


Lesson 1 C Sharp Major Scale And Scale Degrees

Lesson 2 Chord Progressions And The Number System

Lesson 3 Passing Chords

Lesson 4 Song Example How Excellent Is Your Name

Lesson 5 Song Example Praise Song Movement- Kwaito Beat

Lesson 6 Chord Substitutions And Voicings

Lesson 7 Song Example Amazing Grace

Lesson 8Song Example Seben Style

Lesson 9 Song Example Rhumba Style

Lesson 10 Song Example Chakacha Style

Lesson 11 Song Example Great Is Thy Faithfulness

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