Sound Selection in Beats (How to Choose Sounds in Beats)


Sound Selection in Beats (How to Choose Sounds in Beats) , Learn how to select sounds to make your beats sound full and instruments stand out. Sound Selection Secrets REVEALED!

What you”ll learn:

  • How to Use Sound Selection in Beats to Make Instruments Stand Stand Out and Beats Sounding Full!
  • How to Select the Right Sounds to Make Mixing Music Easier, and Prevent Thin Sounding Mixes!
  • How to Spread Sounds Across the Frequency Spectrum for Clarity
  • When to Use Different Sounds to Make Your Beats More Interesting
  • How the Length of MIDI Notes Makes a BIG DIFFERENCE
  • How Sound Placement is Different than Sound Selection
  • How to Use BOTH Sound Placement and Sound Selection to Make Instruments Stand Out in Your Beat (Even Before you Begin Mixing!)
  • What is Wise Sound Selection (Choosing Sounds for Instruments, Melodies, and Drum Loops [Kicks, 808’s and Bassline!])
  • How to Prevent Frequencies from Clashing (Sidechain Compression, and Choosing Good Sounds)
  • How to Use the Frequency Spectrum (and Take Advantage of Octaves!)
  • How to Place Sounds for Clarity in Your Beats!


Sound selection in beats is one of the hottest topics discussed when making beats.. but do you really know how to choose sounds for sound selection?

Sound Selection is choosing the right sounds at the right time to make your beats sound full, which also makes mixing easy, because instruments aren’t fighting with one another (known as frequency clashing).

I reveal ALL MY SOUND SELECTION SECRETS in this course.. (which have taken me years to perfect in my own studies).

Advanced producers think about Sound Placement and Sound Selection at the same time for the most professional sounding beat possible.


This is more than a sound selection tutorial.. this is a sound selection course!

Ready to know what instruments to use in your beats?

These videos are a sound selection guide teaching the secrets of sound selection..

Here’s some core points taught:

  • How to Use Sound Placement and Sound Selection Together
  • What is Sound Selection? What is Sound Placement?
  • Taking Advantage of Octaves in Beats (Using Pitch)
  • Understanding the Full Frequency Spectrum
  • Understanding TIMBRE and Fundamental Pitch of a Sound
  • When to Choose Aggressive Sounds and Soft Sounds
  • Know the Difference Between Chords and Notes in Sound Selection

Have you watched every YouTube Tutorial about Sound Selection and are still confused? Then try my Sound Selection Course and learn the secrets of sound selection!

Discover the best kept secrets of sound selection as a producer. Enroll today!

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