Your Financial Future: A Guide for Beginners


Your Financial Future: A Guide for Beginners , Saving, Investing, and Retirement.

What you”ll learn:

  • Recognize common terms necessary for financial literacy
  • Identify the earning potential of a bank account or investment.
  • Calculate how much you need to save for retirement or other goals.
  • Employ digital tools like calculators and AI to help you learn and make financial plans.
  • Open an investment or retirement account


Preparing for your financial future doesn’t have to be so complicated!

This manageable and down-to-earth personal finance course empowers you to plan for your future needs and goals. Without all the big words, sales pitches, and angry old men telling you what to do (we don’t care how many lattes you drink!), this course puts you in the driver’s seat of your own financial journey.  We take a “micro-learning” approach. Through bite-size videos, illustrative graphics, and practical exercises, you will gain the financial literacy necessary to navigate the worlds of saving, investing, and retirement planning.

We’ll talk about:

  • The purpose of saving and investing.
  • How to plan for retirement.
  • The different kinds of investing and retirement accounts.
  • What resources you can use to help you analyze and readjust your goals as needed.
  • How to be a self-guided, lifelong, learner in the world of money.
  • And more!

We’re also going to cover the practical stuff that many financial literacy programs skip but that you might feel embarrassed to ask about – how to actually do things like:

  • buy a stock.
  • enroll in a 401k.
  • use online calculators or spreadsheets to estimate how your savings or investments might grow.
  • find a savings account that will help maximize your contributions.

We’ll even learn how Artificial Intelligence can help you organize your finances!

I hope you will join us!

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