Xamarin Developer Course


Xamarin Developer Course, Learn how to build Cross-Platform Android and iOS apps with Xamarin from scratch.


In this introductory section of the course on Xamarin, you will be acquainted with the feature of Xamarin. You will be guided by our mentors through the installation process of the tool in Visual Studio. You will learn about the Resource File for Xamarin. The third unit proceeds with the creation of the application after making one acquainted with the important files such as the Android Manifest File. The fourth unit focuses on the Intent in Android. Here you will be made to create toast messages, having an in-depth understanding of Intent in Android, you will learn about setting the layout. The fifth unit emphasizes the circular progress bar. You will witness and also have hands-on the creation of a circular progress bar, the color used, etc other functionalities. The sixth unit further moves forward on another module like the creation of the popup menu, title, icons, etc. Date Picker, Time picker, different android widgets, a method for setting current date and time picker are covered in the seventh module. Spinner, Alert Box, and Gallery, and its associated functions are covered in the eight-unit. Here you will learn about creating a gallery in android and also learn about scaling the image view. Unit nine teaches about the Login App.

In this Xamarin Training, you will learn a great deal about reducing the amount of code while working in a cross-platform for building applications for mobile development. Here you will gain a lot of knowledge when you have to share your business logic via cross-platform.

You will enhance your knowledge over the layouts and like Stack Layout and Grid while making the Xamarin Forms UI. You will also learn about the resources and styles in Xamarin. Forms that will help at managing shared values and will give a consistent UI feel.

You will also learn to store data efficiently, retrieve on-device data, implementation of multi-page apps.

This training will make you well versed in making an app on Xamarin. In-depth knowledge of Android Resource, Android Life cycle, permission in Android, Building GUI, Menu and Layouts, Android Dialogs, Gallery, Multiscreen App and Views, and App Deployment.

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