Work and Mechanical Energy


Work and Mechanical Energy, GCSE | IGCSE.

Energy is a vital part of the daily routines of humans.  Getting up from bed, taking a cup of coffee, going for a walk with your pet and a couple of other activities you engage in during the day shows us of how energy is needed to drive our daily  enterprise. As you might know that there are quite a number of energy types(gravitational potential, elastic, kinetic, potential etc) which in physics and as well as this course are classified under Mechanical Energy i.e the energy resident in object by virtue of their position or motion. As consequent to the previous statement we see mechanical energy in action whenever we carry out activities which is termed Work to a non-physicists. However, the Physics ideology is not in total agreement with the latter stating cases where work is assumed to be done and well in physics, it isn’t. Three of those cases are stated in the third section with relatable examples.

In-addition, a more definite way of quantifying the amount of work done is treated in mid-section of the course with questions relevant to the application of the principles guiding force-displacement graphs. This course  examines the link between the concept of work and mechanical energy as they are one of the key concepts in physics. Review questions which intend to test your knowledge on what you’ve learnt in each section is included. The GCSE and IGCSE Curriculum drives the major discussion through-out each section.

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