Web Security Essentials: For Absolute Beginners


Web Security Essentials: For Absolute Beginners , Understand Web Security Fundamentals and Learn Hacking Website via Exploiting Common Vulnerabilities.

What you”ll learn:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of web security
  • Identify and classify web application vulnerabilities
  • Perform manual and automated web security testing
  • Apply web security testing tools and methodologies
  • Find all subdomains associated with a website.
  • Discover servers, technologies & services used on target website.
  • Exploit Common Web vulnerabilities
  • Other Resources For Growing Skills

Course Description

Note: The contents of this course are not covered in any of my other courses except for some basics. Although website hacking is covered in one of my other courses, that course only covers the basics where this course dives much deeper in this topic covering more techniques, more vulnerabilities and more!

Welcome to my this comprehensive course on Website penetration testing. In this course you’ll learn website / web applications hacking! This course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in hacking, and by the end of it you’ll be at a high level, being able to Understand Web Fundamentals, Exploiting Common Web Vulnerabilities and secure them like security experts!

With this course you get 24/7 support, so if you have any questions you can post them in the Q&A section and we’ll respond to you within 15 hours.


  • This course is created for educational purposes only and all the attacks are launched in our own lab or against systems that I have permission to test.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody interested in learning website & web application hacking / penetration testing.
  • Anybody interested in becoming a bug bounty hunter.
  • Anybody interested website hacking.
  • Anybody interested in learning how to secure websites & web applications from hacker.
  • Web developers so they can create secure web application & secure their existing ones.
  • Web admins so they can secure their websites.
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