Vocabulary and listening skills in 30 days – part 2.


Vocabulary and listening skills in 30 days – part 2. Practice listening with native speakers.


This course will take listeners day by day through activities. 5 minutes a day. Find a quiet place, relax and listen.

Day 1: Blind Listening – Just listen.

Here you just listen. See how much you understand. Take notes and try to identify the main ideas.

Day 2. Key Words – Identifying terms.

This is the opportunity to listen again, but this time you need to focus on the key words.

Day 3: Vocabulary Review – Reinforce.

This will be about vocabulary. First write down the term, and then watch a second time and get the definition.

Day 4: Listen, Read and Speak – Use all 3 skills.

And on the last day, read the exact dialogue, and try and speak at the same speed as the native speakers. Listen, Read and Speak, and Repeat!

And repeat. The first day will be hard, but as you develop you ears, you will learn to listen. It is important to download the pdf activities and do them. Practice makes perfect. As you advance through the videos, you will gain confidence and vocabulary, which will ultimately develop your listening skills. Designed by native speakers for ESL and foreign professionals.

English is like Exercise.

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