UX research: 10 pro tips for your interview guide


UX research: 10 pro tips for your interview guide, Learn tricks that real research pros use to prepare and manage interview guides for UX interviews & Prototype testing.

This online course helps you collect data that really matter, be more relaxed when interviewing and facilitate your analysis of the results.

A carefully crafted interview guideline is needed for any kind of interview, UX test or prototype testing and your key to successful research.

A well-prepared interview guideline

  • Helps you plan your research and structure your thoughts
  • Facilitates the full alignment with all team members and stakeholders on goals and key areas of the research
  • Reduces your stress during the interview
  • Allows you to have enough time for the important topics during the conversation and skip unimportant topics
  • Makes the analysis of the results easier and more manageable

What you will learn in this course:

  • Immediate and actionable gamechangers for how you prepare and conduct your interviews
  • Target your interview guide to reach better research results
  • Build a natural logic into your guide to facilitate the conversation with your participant
  • Make sure that you have all important questions covered (and not too many questions in the guide)
  • Phrase questions in the best way possible
  • Prepare your guide in a way, that it simplifies your life as a researcher during the actual interview situation

You receive over 25 min. of self-paced Video content, a 17 page white paper and a guideline template to download

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