Uplevel your Presence on Upwork


Uplevel your Presence on Upwork, Learn how to use Upwork to become a fully booked freelancer.

What you will learn:

  • Get your Upwork Profile in tip-top shape to be found & noticed
  • Learn how to find and apply to job posting that are worth your time
  • How to make your proposals stand out and get attention
  • Get the interview and ultimately get hired
  • Establish a consistent flow of viable work options using the Upwork platform

Course Description

Are you a freelancer that is struggling to get new clients consistently?

No matter what stage you are at in your business, a beginner or someone who has been working for years, all freelancers struggle sometimes with finding the right clients.

With this course, you can stop wasting time on “marketing” on social media, applying to #jobopps, and finally get clients consistently- using Upwork!

This course will help you build your Upwork profile from 0, starting with the initial creation of your profile, and submitting it for approval. Then we work on building credibility and starting to get interviews and eventually being hired!

This course is made up of short, quick videos that get right to the point with the information you need to take action. Each lecture is a small step in getting you there.

The most important thing is taking action by applying what you learn in the videos to your approach with Upwork.

With some hard work and patience, Upwork can become a consistent source of clients in your freelance business. You do not need a complex marketing plan with all the social media channels and a beautiful website.

With this approach, your Upwork profile can speak for itself and help you land clients even as a complete beginner. This worked for me and it will work for you too!

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