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Unlocking Project Management for Newcomers, Project Management at a glance for beginner.

Course Description

This course is  perfect for you that want to start exploring project management and understand if it fits your career and personal goals.

In this course you will learn the basis of project management, I will help you understanding what people mean when they talk about projects and what is the role of the project manager in them. We will be learning some of the many benefits that project management brings to the organizations of all sizes.

As part of this course, we will also review further the five project management phases that are part of any project lifecycle and what are the activities that must be done on each phase, as well as the different approaches that project manager must choose from to managing a project and adapt it to the specific requirements.

Finally, we will review some best practices that every successful project manager considers when leading a project, and  that you can apply when you start managing your first project.

Even though this is a basic course, it is the perfect start point if you are new to project management and are not sure where to look to start learning about it. Are you Ready? ‘Cause we are!

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