Ultimate Photography Course (Using iPhone)


Ultimate Photography Course (Using iPhone), The full guide to photography, by only using iPhone. Learn settings, lighting, composition and storytelling – all in 1.

Welcome to a full, detailed guide on photography – but by only using your iPhone. This course will teach you all you need to know about photography that goes even beyond the iPhone. But for the exercises given, you’ll only need to use your iPhone and not worry about a professional camera. All the fundamentals of photography apply whether you’re using a phone or a high end camera.

What You Will Learn

  • The fundamental basics of a camera and its settings (ISO, aperture, shutter speed).
  • How to light your subjects like a PRO.
  • Composition according to modern standards and how this will help you create eye-catching photos.
  • Taking photos that convey emotion and storytelling.
  • Basic editing using iOS only.
  • Learn how to identify a good photo by understanding how to analyze good photography, to incorporate it into your own work.


This course will teach you all the technical knowledge you need to know about camera settings so that you can set yourself up for success when taking photos, time and time again. Besides important settings and mentalities, there will also be modules on lighting and composition techniques – so that you can learn how to shoot like a real pro.

You will also learn that “little extra” for adding emotions into your shots and becoming a masterful storyteller. There will also be some basic editing incorporated, but by only using iOS (as with everything else in the course). The course is meant to teach you actual photography and all the valuable mentalities that you need to learn to really understand photography as an art. Toward the end, we will analyze good photos together and explore the question “what makes a good photo good?” so that you can begin your journey in developing your own style.

The course will also come with a Facebook group where you can share all the photos you take throughout the course for careful feedback by the instructor and other students parttaking in the course. The aim is to create an iPhone photography community so that you can continue evolving as a photographer even after the course has finished.

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