Transitioning to XR UX Design


Transitioning to XR UX Design, Decide whether or not to take the full dive into XR UX Design.

Are you tired of designing flat, 2D experiences? Completely new to XR and the “Metaverse”? Do you understand all of the different types of realities that make up the XR spectrum?

It can be daunting to change careers or shift focus in your current career. And maybe you’re not even sure yet if you want to take the dive into XR and spatial computing. Whether you’re trying to decide if you want to get in the space or you’re thinking of changing careers but you’re not sure where to start, or you just want to have a basic understanding of this technology landscape – you’re in the right place.

This course is created by a UX Designer for UX Designers. If you’re an existing or aspiring UX designer who wants to move beyond 2D flat design into the future of spatial computing, this course is for you. It’s also helpful for anyone who would like to be on a project team. Or if you’re a business leader thinking of paying someone to create an XR experience for you, this course will definitely help you as well.

See where we’ve been and where we’re headed as I demystify the “Metaverse”. I’ll share my own experiences and learnings as I walk you through my journey transitioning from designing for traditional 2D experiences, to rich and immersive 3 dimensional experiences in Extended Reality.

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