Tourism industry. A complete guide.


Tourism industry. A complete guide.A complete analysis about one of the most important industries in the world.

Tourism is an industry that direct and indirect involves 10% of all global working force but not many people realise the true size and potential of this amazing industry. Let’s see together all those elements that make tourism so important and fascinating. In less than 2 hours there is going to be a complete analysis of the industry, the segment of the tourism, definitions, the most important companies, the future of the industry, all the possible jobs you can find and the global leaders. As I am a lecturer of tourism myself I tried to make the lectures as short as possible in order to manage to provide you with valuable content that is going to benefit you and I am trying not to overload everything with details. Many courses and many instructors are talking about the tourism industry but very few are explaining what is a tourist or who is considered as a visitor or even who can be defined as a traveller. All those information are going to be presented to you in a way to make everything more simple and clear. If you love the tourism industry or if you are curious about this amazing industry or even if you are a student or you will be a student soon then this course is ideal for you.

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