Time Tracking Secrets Techniques and Tools for Leaders


Time Tracking Secrets Techniques and Tools for Leaders, A complete productivity and time management course created to reduce your overwhelm & Improve your career.

What you’ll learn

  • Increase your productivity by implementing new strategies throughout your day
  • Discover why you are not as productive as you could be and develop a plan to improve
  • Create a personal plan that fits your personality and style
  • Take control of their mindset and energy levels to increase your productivity


My name is Hamza ELOUAZZANI, I am a Logistics Specialist & Analyst, with a Master’s degree in Logistics Management. I am currently working as a Senior Supply Chain & Customer Service at a multinational. I carried out about thirty projects during these 5 years of experience in this field. I want to share my knowledge and contribute in my own way to the development of global logistics.

Actually I have more than 75 000+ Students. And the average of feedback is around 4,4/5 Stars.

I’m taking care about your questions & suggestions, also i’m doing my best to answering to your feedbacks.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you frequently feel overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities and duties and have more to do than you have time for. I created this course to support individuals from all areas of life who have trouble juggling several tasks.

Since time is our most valuable resource, I have also tried my best to build this course as effectively as possible.

There will be three main regions or portions to this course. Although they are all meant to build on one another, each lecture is clearly identified by subject so you can return and focus on the parts that are most useful to you.

We’ll concentrate on what causes our overwhelm and what makes us put things off in our first segment.

In our second segment, we lay the groundwork for a higher level of productivity and go over the fundamentals and crucial ideas that, in order to truly achieve your goals and become a productivity master, must be mastered. Even the best tips and tactics won’t be completely exploited if you don’t start with the correct foundation.

Finally, in our final segment, we’ll expand on the groundwork we laid by employing tried-and-true time- and productivity-management tactics and strategies to significantly increase your productivity.

Great Course

I enjoyed this course, very informative with great examples and nuggets of wisdom to apply in life.

Amazing course

This course is very informative, the explanations are crystal clear and the instructor is very engaging.

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