Threat Protection and APT Ethical Hacking Course


Threat Protection and APT Ethical Hacking Course, A beginner’s guide to learn threat protection.

What you”ll learn:

  • What Next-Generation Security Brings to the Fight
  • Creating Advanced Threat Protection Policies
  • Ten Best Practices for Controlling APTs
  • Learn the basics

Course Description

There are many different types of threats that can compromise information security.

Focusing on cyberattacks, we can separate them into three main categories:

  • Technical attacks – usually take advantage of vulnerabilities, such as bugs in software or misconfiguration of the services
  • Social engineering – this targets what we might call ‘the weakest link’ in an organisation’s security – its employees
  • Insider threats – these will usually involve the misuse of trust relations within the organisation

the main expectations for ethical hackers are that they will behave ethically and comply with the relevant laws and regulations. That’s the main difference between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ guys. As for just about everything else, they’re using the same tools, techniques and processes.

It’s vitally important that the ethical hacker is authorised to attack their targets before they take any action and that they stay within the scope of the assignment at all times. An ethical hacker would act in the best interest of the client organisation and treat all information uncovered during the test as confidential.

In this course you will learn basic of ethical Hacking you learn this tutorial to basic  of ethical hacking. And you learn basic of latest updates on this course and I teach you ethical hacking to basic ethical Hacking and you will learn so much and you will learn basic of this course. In this course you will learn about Creating Advanced Threat Protection Policies & Controlling APTs.

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