The Website Blueprint – Planning for a web design project


The Website Blueprint – Planning for a web design project, Learn how to create a web design brief, sitemap and wireframe from a web designer with over 19 years of experience.

What you’ll learn

  • Create a web design brief
  • Content prioritisation in web design
  • Create a website sitemap
  • Wireframing for web design



Nearly four years after the creation of this Planning for a Web Design Project course, we are delighted to announce that we are revamping and updating this course ahead of 2023.

The Course will be split into three key areas:

The Website Blueprint

This covers all key aspects of preparation required to design a professional website. This is also a fantastic starting point for marketing professionals, managers and small business owners working with agencies and professional web designers.

Chapters include:

– The Blueprint Checklist

– The Bullet-point Brief

– Sitemap

– Content Prioritisation

– Respect the Grid!

– Wireframing

Live Projects:

We will be providing you with a front-row ticket to our live projects. As an active design studio, we are in a unique position to provide insight into all of the moving parts on our real-life projects.

Design Theory:

From the PixelHaze Principles of Design to the Chaos Ladder, the PixelHaze team will provide insight into our quirky, memorable teaching practices.

The planning module is crucial to ensure your project is on the right footing.

Here we will provide you with the full toolkit for planning your website using tried and tested techniques. This module is suitable for web designers, graphic designers, small business owners and marketing professionals who are required to tender and project manage a website re-design. We will use Squarespace as our chosen platform; however, this approach will be suitable for any platform.


Additional Resources:


Simply follow the steps below:

1. Create a free trial in Squarespace

2. When subscribing to your first plan, use our voucher code to get a 20% discount on your first month/year plan: PixelHaze20

Squarespace Templates:

We have a fantastic range of Squarespace Templates and plugins (custom code) at pixelhaze (dot) store

Software and websites used in this course:

– Canva
– Colourlovers
– Awwwards
– Google Fonts
– Unsplash


Affiliate notice: We are affiliate partners with Squarespace and may receive remuneration from Squarespace for any purchases via the links on this page.

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