The Trivium: Learning how to Learn


The Trivium: Learning how to Learn, The three timeless disciplines of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric brought together one clear and concise course.

This course explains the fundamental principles of The Trivium system: a system of education which draws upon principles that have been developed since ancient times and were brought together and used for centuries as an effective, all-purpose approach to education and learning.

Where other approaches might allow one to gain mastery of a given subject or discipline, The Trivium equips a learning to gain mastery of any subject or discipline by giving them an all-purpose model for learning. The Trivium consists of three parts: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric and the idea is that if we master the Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric of any subject, we are able to achieve mastery of it. Hence, through learning The Trivium, we are learning about learning as-such, becoming equipped to deal with any and every subject.

  • Grammar refers to the “building blocks” of a subject such as the basic terms, ideas or skills that it builds upon.
  • Logic refers to the “construction” or coherence of a subject; it determines how basic elements should be brought together and ordered. Finally,
  • Rhetoric refers to the “living” or purpose of a subject and it is concerned with how a subjected is effectively conveyed and put to use.
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