The SQL practice test for developers


The SQL practice test for developers, Improving your skills | Practical exercises | Helpful for interviews and exam preparation | Explanations.

If you are a software developer, you should know to use the SQL query language. Why? Because today every appliaction uses stored data. If the users should can register to your application, then, you should store their credentials in a database. Even if you are a frond-end web developer, you should know at least the basics of SQL. If you don’t know how to use it well, then, your chances to be applied to a job are lower.

There are several features and interesting features of SQL language, that you should know as a developer. Here are some of the topics, that are included in this course:

  • SQL basics
  • Relational databases
  • Data types
  • Functions
  • Logical statements
  • Aggregations

This course is designed for everybody, who would like to learn about SQL. The course uses a practice-orientated approach: we try to focus on these topics and elements, that are important. This course is definitely a really good option, if you would like to learn more and more. We focus on these topics and elements, that are important in real SQL development.

What does this course offer? 

  • questions with explanations, in a well-organized manner
  • common situations, with simple solutions
  • for beginners and experienced developers- for improving yourself

Good luck! Frahaan Hussain & the WebTech team

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