The James Webb Space Telescope Mirror Academy Boot Camp


The James Webb Space Telescope Mirror Academy Boot Camp, The JWST Mirror Makers! This is the Real Behind-the-Scenes story.

How many of you are following the incredible James Webb Space Telescope? Well, I think we all can agree that it is truly a marvel and it is just now revealing the Cosmos like never before. But, have you ever wondered how the heart of the telescope, it’s mirrors, were created? Now, imagine, taking a behind-the-scenes look. Well, that’s just what we are going to do with the Webb Mirror Academy Boot Camp. I will share the incredible story, both the beauty and the challenges of JWST mirror making, something you will not find anywhere else.

Hi, my name is Glen Cole. I’m a toolmaker. Specifically, I make telescope mirrors. For the last forty years, I have helped create some of the world’s greatest telescopes. As I like to say, “I’m not Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking, but I did make their telescopes!” If I may share an analogy, the Astronomers are the race car drivers and we built their Formula One beauty. We are the enablers of their amazing science. On James Webb, I was the Chief Engineer, for the mirror polishing. I was the “general” with my desk out on the optical shop floor, polishing our Webb mirrors. Let me now, share our story!

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