The complete trading course with Supply demand and Key level


The complete trading course with Supply demand and Key level, Level 1. Mastering Market structure – Price Action – Multiple timeframe with Key level/Order block with top FTMO trader.

Key level strategy is the combination traditional supply demand and market structure, market cycle theory.

The highest level in price action trading when we added it into Market structure to analyze to optimize the power instead of single candle or group candles like traditional.

Key level contains power of traditional supply demand and market structure to double power. Therefore, here’s also the highest win rate zone in the technical analyzation.

You also understand about market structure after this course to know when a trend start, end, continue running. It helps you to have a better win rate, reward per risk ratio to trade even with Inner Circle Trading or ICT method.

During learning and practicing, you can leave any your question on QA part of Udemy. Jayce will reply and help you within 12 hours

I will explain detail from smallest definitions about Forex, Candle patterns, Price patterns, Supply Demand, Market structure , Multiple timeframe master theory to help you understand about this strategy .

This is strategy that will help you understand about the total picture of market based on market structure, market cycle theory to define the main trend. Since then, you can use the Key level like the cornerstone to entry with high Reward/Risk and highest win rate.

We’ll take you step-by-step through engaging video examples and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a profitable trader.

By the end of this course, you will be fluently Supply Demand, Market structure, Multiple timeframe master rules and you’ll be so good at trading that you can get a freedom job or trading professionally.

Btw, I also created a Discord channel for students to discuss together. In this channel, we will share the knowledge, tips to learn and analyzation every week on any assets.

I also created a Competition that will help learn facing with yourself to improve your psychology, risk management on high pressure environment like real trading.

All of above activities would help you to come profitable and consistency traders in near future.

You can join discord channel to refer about it anytime.

My learning school was designed from level 0 – 5 with full knowledge about market :

(You can see the level at the subtitles)

Level 0 : Multiple timeframe theory, connect from zone to zone.

– Level 1 : Complete Key level strategy, drawing key level exactly.

– Level 2 : Complete Smart Money Concepts, understanding the real market picture with manipulation

– Level 3 : How to combine Key level and smart money concepts with market cycle theory and Volume.

– Level 4 : Using Key level and smart money for day trading, build the road to be success trader, update market structure.

– Level 5 : For investing trader, Using Ichimoku to multiple assets and using Golden trend indicator to manage 100 assets.

My series of lesson will focus on :

1. What is trading style that suitable for your personality – most of lesson or book don’t mentioned it.

2. Build profitable strategy based on supply demand – price pattern – candle pattern in trading. Simple to analyze & easy to be profitable.

3. Build SOP document like the first step in the stairs to you to go forwards.

4. Improve your strategy every day with R-PDCA processes.
5. Understand about emotion, why you have that emotion , what you will act that time to improve it.

6. Chose the best way to practice demo account by judge reward per risk ratio, drawdown, win rate
7. Risk management will be applied while you use supply demand – price pattern – candle pattern – Detail multiple timeframe strategy.

8. Fully understand about direction of market, the big pictures to join or skip the market.

9. Every lesson was designed ” What it is – How to apply it – Examples” help leaners easier to understand.

10. Three weeks Live tradingcontinuouslywill help you fully understand and apply this strategy to real market.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about my courses:

“Amazing. This course definitely underrated! I knew you when you appears on Top 10 traders interviewed of new prop firms funds. Really happy to see your course in Udemy. Appreciated ”

“Very clear content map for every level to learn – Really nice! Every one should read description before learning. ” Expert – level ” is really a gem for us. Thank you for your updating Quiz and Examination ”

“The strategy is super logic and make sense. This what I like. When I try to backtest and forword test in first 3 days of this strategy, I fail because I draw strong supply/demand , market structure incorrect. I come back to see videos and test again and again and ask some question to Jayce that I doubt. His answer for all students is very helpful to understand the concept. After that the result of this strategy is very good. One thing I wanna Jayce to improve for next course is to emphasize some points that are important in example live trade, because may be some beginners like me cant remember some theory in first 1-2 time. Thank a lot for make this course. I am very happy and fun. “

“Humble trader with big gem sharing. I like to learn in Udemy from this course . Easy to reach out”

“Thank you for this course. I am stress in trading after false challenge round. This course really help me to build trading system again, especially SOP , keep everything simple to keep the mind be empty – that is mindset of almost famous traders like BNF & SIS. Love this course, especially Live trading section”

If you’re SERIOUS TRADER who are ready to be DIFFIRENT this year. Let’s come with us.


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