The Complete Frontend Engineering Interview Preparation Kit


The Complete Frontend Engineering Interview Preparation Kit, Learn JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Material UI, System design & Prepare for your Frontend Interview.

After completing this course, you will be 100% prepared to face and crack your next front-end interview. Now that’s a bold statement but these are the materials I prepared to crack interviews in my career.

**This course is a bundle of all my other courses on Udemy**

Hello, My name is Manoj ( Founder @MSK Web development )

I have a decade of experience in frontend web development and I have been extremely successful in my career. I am now at the top 1% in India. I went through a series of ups and downs in my career to reach this state and I have covered all of it in this course. This will help any front-end engineer to boost their career ( using my experience ) and you will learn from my experience. It is the best thing to do.

It took me almost 10 years to populate the contents of this course. The lessons and problems I have solved to get selected in multiple interviews ( Including Walmart, PayPal, JP Morgan, Tesco, Oracle, Cerner & GE  ) and the teachings I obtained when I failed in multiple interviews ( Including Google, Facebook, Amazon, & Microsoft ), all are covered in this 1 course.

This course is applicable for junior to senior software engineers and those who are looking for a promotion / higher-level role. At some point, you will be assessed for your system design skills. So it is crucial to know what is the acceptance criteria. This will help you prepare better and increase your chances of clearing the round. You will also learn javascript and practice interview coding round as well.

First, you will learn javascript basics to intermediate concepts.

Then, you will master google chrome dev tools.

Then, you will learn TypeScript from scratch.

Then, you will get guidance for the frontend system design interview round.

You will also be given interview problems that were asked to me in various interviews and the ones which I ask whenever I take an interview for a frontend engineer role.

I will give you software engineering career tips based on my experience in multiple companies in this course.

I hope this course gives you a boost in your front-end career.

I would be extremely happy if you get benefited from my experience and get selected in your dream company.

Warm regards,

Manoj Satish Kumar

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