The Automation Guide for the Company


The Automation Guide for the Company, An introduction to automation.

This course if brought to you with the intent of giving you a wide perspective on what automation is and how it can be brought to your organization. This course is centered on bringing a clear understanding on RPA fundamentals – understanding of RPA, the way in which companies are exploring this technology, and the benefits that can be realized with it. The lessons also include guidelines on selecting the appropriate processes for automation, as well as strategies for successful RPA implementations. During this course we will look at the history of automation as well as to different ways in which automation is being implemented across industries. We will also look at RPA and AI as well as analytics and discuss ways in which these are being used across sectors. The course also discusses strategies and techniques which can and should be used when considering bringing automation to your organization. We discuss some important points to include in a business case, such as demographics as well as key opportunities and core challenges that could be faced in considering automation. Complemented with case studies, this course gives you a good foundation into automation and the opens the door to new ideas so you can also bring automation to your company, and perhaps

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