The 5 Habits For A Growth Mindset


The 5 Habits For A Growth Mindset, Learn Powerful Habits for a more Successful Life.

I am a passionate reader that has been going through self-development books for quite some time now. When I heard of the possibility of creating a course to explain more about their ins and outs, I was quite eager to develop one.

This class will be structured in 5 lessons that contain practical steps for you to take in order to understand exactly how you can live a more intentional and meaningful life, but also what are some of the best thought patterns and habits used by accomplished people out there.

If you are interested in bettering yourself and your routines, this course is for you, there are no other prerequisites than a device with an internet connection.

You will learn how to structure a morning routine, how to meditate and journal. I also went through a few of my favourite quotes and pieces of advice from successful people. By implementing all the things I talk about here, you will get a more focused state, a better mental health and an altogether more intentful life with actions based on real values.

I think it would be best if you try to actually integrate an activity that we discussed in one of the lessons of this class. I will leave to your own judgement if you want to choose multiple habits, but remember you have to stick to it for one week, daily.

The activities to choose from:

  1. Implement a morning routine similar to the one we talked about
  2. Meditate for at least 10 minutes
  3. Journal (Morning Pages + The two 3-bullet lists)


If you choose the morning routine and feel like you have enough bandwidth, integrate more than one activity, just try to not skip any day.

With all of this said, I think we are ready, see you in the first lesson!

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