Team Coaching


Team Coaching, Facilitating communication in the classroom.

The main aim of the “Team Coaching” MOOC is to develop the tools necessary for skills enhancement, targeted to higher education, which will enhance better knowledge transfer a class into team, and create, in that way, an environment for effective learning.

The MOOC will provide an important tool for educators to facilitate communication skills within the classroom. In this way, educators will be able, for instance, to convert the classroom climate into a successful team instead of a group of individual learners. The project will help smooth communication problems during HE education/training and improve the efficiency level in HE.

The MOOC applies innovative ideas and methodologies in the field of training of HE students, such as the Virtual Coaching, which is a new concept of coaching methodologies entirely online, developing and using team-class coaching methodology, another non-traditional coaching methodology, enabling the linking and cooperation between instructor and student with an aim to provide the latter a deeper and long-lasting learning which will turn the classroom into a “team”.

The digital learning tools that will be developed in the project, which will consist in a new communication toolkit based on effective psychological and pedagogical approaches, aim to fill the communication gap between educators and learners in learning and transferring information into behaviors.

In summary, the MOOC will create a potential development key; development of new e-learning tools for students, trainers and professionals; to promote the application of good practices for the enhancement of innovative skills; and to provide knowledge, skills and competences by using virtual tools.

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