Teach your child their times tables


Teach your child their times tables, Make learning the times tables a fun and enjoyable experience for your child!

I’ve created this course to support both parents and those who work with children.

When I say this I am often asked what age children are they specifically aimed at. I have played them with children as young as 5 or 6 through to children doing their GCSE’s.

If the child is willing and receptive to playing games and learning through alternative methods to worksheets, they will hopefully be willing to participate.

I’ve also played them with adult learners who have returned to education in order to further their lives and careers. I hope the methods will make learning the times tables more enjoyable and a smaller mountain to climb for those who struggle with them.

I want to introduce you to some of the ideas I have implemented with my own children over the years and more recently in the educational settings I have worked in.

The ideas are all based on the concept that if you are enjoying yourself and relaxed, you are in a far better state of mind to learn than if you are stressed and unable to focus on the task in hand. The more varied the methods in which you approach an activity, the more likely you are to remember the information and have the ability to recall it at a later date, you will also be more likely to capture the child’s interest and stop them from getting distracted or daydreaming.

Playing the games once clearly isn’t going to be sufficient; an element of repetition is required until the information sticks, but I am a firm believer that if something is fun, most people will be more enthusiastic to participate…and if your child is enthusiastic about an activity that will support them in learning, you are over the first hurdle and halfway there.

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