Taxation on Sale of Property/Investment and tax saving tips


Taxation on Sale of Property/Investment and tax saving tips, Learn Capital Gain Taxation in India.


This course will include important provision of the Capital Gain Taxation in India, which is more useful in the practical working of Accountant and audit of entity. Our purpose of course creation is every learner understands the Capital Gain Taxation in India Income tax in very quick time. We update our course on regularly basis. Course will also includes study material in summary form.

· This course includes brief of the following topics of Income Tax: –

· What is capital gain & types of capital gain?

· Chargeability of the capital gain taxation.

· What is capital asset and types of Capital asset?

· Understanding of the transfer under capital gain.

· Understanding of the Full Value of Consideration, Cost of Acquisition, Cost of Improvement & indexation in capital gain.

· How to calculate capital gain?

· Tax rates on the capital gain.

· General exemption and deduction allowed under the Capital Gain taxation.

Before the joining the course please read careful all course description. This course will not include How to file Income Tax return.

Over the period, we are trying to provide relevant details article on each topic of Income Tax. We also requested to each learner provide valuable feedback & suggestion for the improvement of the course.

Welcome to the Our course!!!! Happy Learning!!!!!

Best of Luck for your future.

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