SUPERCARE Provider Course


SUPERCARE Provider Course, Learning how to increase your value AND raise your rate.

Hola and WELCOME!

I’m a world traveler (hence the Spanish 😉 finally making the moves to share with you how I got to this place in life… how I levelled up my entrepreneurial skills and freed myself. It starts here.

This is where you learn an entirely new concept… How to be a SUPERCARE provider. What is that?!

Well, take a guess.

? I’ve compacted the information from working with children for the past 15 years (PLUS being a new mama…) into this course, for you. I’ve designed it in a compact way so that the focus isn’t just on your workplace, but also on your understanding of who you are and what you bring to any environment.

? Organization is key. This course is full of valuable lessons that are organized and delivered in an understandable way. I’ve mixed in some prompts, activities, and golden nuggets of information for you that will (hopefully) stay with you for the remainder of your life.

?  As I build and add MORE information and lessons into this course over the next few months, the price of the course and the value will increase. I’ve discounted it for you because I want you to have this information ASAP, and journey with me towards financial freedom.

Let’s go, vamos!

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