Super Free Unreal Engine 5 FPS Project and Help Tutorial


Super Free Unreal Engine 5 FPS Project and Help Tutorial , Check out my other courses!

What you”ll learn:

  • Add Health Regeneration to an Unreal Engine 5 FPS Character
  • Add Reloading to an Unreal Engine 5 Character Weapon
  • Add Animations to your Unreal Engine 5 FPS Character
  • Enable Death of your Character


Thanks! I hope you like the free video. I made it last year and left it unpublished but I want to publish it now. It includes a reload system that I use across all my projects, health regeneration and I believe it has basic FPS mechanics, including controls and inputs.

I’m Dr. Loveless and I’m trying to teach you Unreal Engine 5 because I love teaching Unreal Engine and learning more about it myself by and through teaching. I am an electrical engineer so I sometimes come up with crafty solutions and solve hard problems. You should check my other videos for some cool stuff as I’m starting to develop some idea of what I would like to do with them on this platform and on any other.

I have a Patreon (UNREAL ENGINE ACADEMY) if you want to join it brings you the availability to get into a sparsely populated help discord. I can’t link it to you.

If you buy one of my courses I can help you on the chat channel here.

I recommend paying the dollar and getting access to the Discord, but I’m fairly available on Udemy too.

I would *like it if you asked me questions on Udemy. People are usually so brief on this platform because it’s so available on mobile. All my courses are optioned to download so take them on your next trip. They’re focused a lot on casual speeds which are optimal for learning. They are not made with templates on my other screen. They include only real problem solving and hard coding exercises.

I specialize in shooter games (third person and first person).

Best Regards,

– Dr. Loveless

Who this course is for:

  • People who have downloaded the FREE FPS TEMPLATE
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