Study Away 101: Ultimate Guide to Studying Abroad or Away


Study Away 101: Ultimate Guide to Studying Abroad or Away , Learn [almost] everything you need to know, consider, or prepare before you go on a study away adventure.

What you will learn:

  • fully prepare, both logistically and mentally, for your semester away

Course Description

This course is designed for students who are gearing up for a study abroad or study away experience. (The term study away is inclusive of domestic experiences.) The course aims to prepare students for a multitude of decisions, offer advice and tips for preparing for the experience, and discuss ways to enhance and get the most out of your time studying away. This course may be used as a pre-departure course by colleges and universities.

We will discuss everything from choosing a program and deciding on options like classes and housing to more general “living abroad topics like communication and safety.” Finally, we’ll also talk about things that will affect you while you’re gone like culture shock and managing your expectations!

With this course you’ll be more prepared to get the most out of your study away experience!

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