Steps to a Successful IT Software Career. Role of ChatGPT.


Steps to a Successful IT Software Career. Role of ChatGPT., This course is a short summary of steps one can take towards a successful IT Software Career.

The following are the topics covered in the course:

  • Defining a path to a successful career in IT. In this section you will learn to base your career decisions on current market trends. Learn how to evaluate trends in the marketplace and align your career goals accordingly. An example of a currently popular technology, Flutter, is used to demonstrate the concept of evaluating market trends based on software usage at the enterprise level.
  • Increasing your time efficiency multi-tasking between different technologies. In this section you will learn how to efficiently manage your time when you are trying to master multiple technologies in parallel.
  • Diversification of skills. Ensure your job security by diversifying your skillset
  • Add skills in Legacy technologies in order to boost your job prospects.
  • Increasing your marketability. In this section you will learn the benefits of practising your skills in new technologies by working on full-stack reference applications which cover the entire spectrum – Front-end UI, Middleware and Back-end technologies. This section discusses an overview of increasing your visibility in the marketplace by boosting your presence on social media channels and discussing details of your efforts.
  • Making your Resume more efficient. In this section you will get an overview of how keywords work in boosting your Resume during searches.
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