Start Streaming With OBS Studio In 2022


Start Streaming With OBS Studio In 2022, Learn how to set up a complete stream with overlays and alerts!

In this class, I will show you step-by-step how to set up a complete stream in OBS Studio.

Why you should watch this class:

There are many things which don’t get covered in most regular tutorials. It makes the whole stream setup process very confusing and frustrating for new streamers, so I decided to pack all information a starting streamer needs into this in-depth class.

Here’s some of what you will learn:

– How to adjust your settings to your PC’s power and your internet speed.

– How to auto level your microphone volume (both when whispering and when shouting).

– How to set up any graphics pack in OBS.

– How to add your game, webcam, mic, record your screen, etc.

– How to make high quality recordings.

– How to make different scenes for gaming, talking, reacting, etc.

– How to add widgets like your chat, labels, etc. with StreamElements.

– How to set up a chatbot and make chat commands.

– Extra tips, fixes, and much more!

Why I’m the perfect person to teach you:

Over the years, I’ve made countless tutorials for OBS Studio and all those videos had people asking extra questions in the comment section. I’ve gotten really good at predicting where people might get stuck or which extra info people might appreciate. This course not only gives the basic info you need, it also answers all extra questions you might have during the process of setting up your stream.

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