Stakeholder engagement; a toolbox for getting outcomes


Stakeholder engagement; a toolbox for getting outcomes, Super effective workshops such as SWOT & retrospectives that are simple to deliver, but very effective for stakeholders.


Are you terrified of meetings where you need to try and get your stakeholders to agree on a topic and give you some results?

Are you new to being a facilitator of meetings and struggling to think about how you structure meetings?

Fear not! this course is a super simple guide to how you should prepare for workshops and conduct them.

This course will help you to take the fear out of delivering workshops – its not about ice breaking and clappy hands, these workshops are simple to set up as a facilitator, but have great impact on your teams. They will help you:

1. Set up new teams to ensure they know what they are doing and who does what

2. Understand the current business environment using things such as SWOT analysis

3. Get a team to reflect on what is going well, not so well , and what needs immediate help!

4. Ensure overall that your team feel engaged and you can park those conversations that might derail you!

Throughout this course we will use one example; a new company trying to sell a new product – 3D printed food.

This course I have tried to make it a bit more fun so its easier to remember, so I hope you find it helpful, and as ever – please reach out and ask questions as I am here to help!

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