SQL Bootcamp 2024: Master SQL & PostgreSQL – Hands-On Course


SQL Bootcamp 2024: Master SQL & PostgreSQL – Hands-On Course , Master PostgreSQL applicable to Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL for Data Science, Apps and Web development.

What you”ll learn:

  • Using Real World PostgreSQL Database Airlines Database.
  • Use Python Pandas to Analyze and visualize Postgres Data Output.
  • SQL Test Your Self, SQL Challenges, SQL Final Exam and more
  • Use Python to visualize Postgres Data Output and get your Conclusion about Data.
  • Use SQL to create databases.
  • Use SQL to insert data into a table.
  • Use SQL to Query & retrieve data from databases.
  • Use SQL to Sort records after retrieving from databases.
  • Use SQL to Group data by specific conditions.
  • Use SQL to Filter data by using where clause.
  • How & when to use Joins types in SQL.
  • How to create and deal with Sub-queries in SQL.
  • How to create and deal with common table expression in SQL.
  • Use SQL to perform data analysis of real world databases
  • Use SQL to perform advanced techniques to retrieve data from databases.


Ready to take your data querying skills to the next level? Look no further than this comprehensive PostgreSQL course!

Using real-world examples from the Airlines Database, this course covers everything you need to know about PostgreSQL, including:

– Installing and creating tables in PostgreSQL

– Understanding SELECT statements, WHERE clauses, and operators

– Advanced techniques like GROUP BY, HAVING, and Aggregation Queries

– Handling time and date data in SQL

– Table joins, sub-queries, and window functions for analytics

– SQL challenges and a final exam for extra practice

But why learn SQL in the first place? SQL was originally created to enable non-IT professionals to query data from datasets without needing to ask a programmer for help. By learning SQL, you’ll develop new mental models for thinking about data, which is a powerful skill in today’s data-driven world.

Plus, PostgreSQL is free, open, and unlimited, making it the perfect tool to learn about relational databases. Its advanced implementation of SQL is very close to the SQL standard, making your knowledge transferable to other SQL databases.

And perhaps the most compelling reason to learn SQL? It can do wonders for your career. Having PostgreSQL knowledge on your resume and online profile can make you a highly attractive candidate to recruiters, opening up new career opportunities and possibilities for advancement.

This course is taught by a top-rated instructor with years of real-world experience using PostgreSQL for data analysis. The lectures are clear, concise, and filled with practical examples to solidify your learning.

By the end of this course, you’ll have job-ready skills in:

– Installing and configuring PostgreSQL

– Designing and normalizing database schemas

– Querying data with complex SELECT statements

– Using aggregate functions for analysis

– Joining multiple tables together

– Tuning queries for optimal performance

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in this course today and become a PostgreSQL querying expert! Your journey to becoming a data analysis pro starts now.

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