Snowflake Snowpro Core – Training Material


Snowflake Snowpro Core – Training Material , Get Started with your Snowflake Journey with this free material.

What you”ll learn:

  • Understand Snowflake Concepts
  • Get some hands on lab exercises to try
  • Prepare for the Snowpro Core Certification
  • Reference material to some key snowflake topics


· The course contains around 15 Modules covering different Snowflake Concepts

· This course includes only the presentations and some hands-on lab that I created while learning snowflake.

· There are no video lectures

· All presentation resources, hands on Lab can be downloaded for easy reference

· The presentations can help you get a quick glimpse of important concepts and topics in snowflake

· This can be used as a starting point for your snowflake journey, or can also be used for quick revision of important topics in Snowflake

· Most of the presentations also has quiz sections at the end to test out your knowledge

· All the presentations also include the reference links to snowflake documentation or blogs, in case you need to go through detail on any topics

· Presentation for following topics will be available. Also, hands on lab will be available for most of the topics.

1. Snowflake Architecture & Setting up Hands-On Lab Environment

2. Virtual Warehouses (Compute)

3. Snowflake Storage and Protection

4. Snowflake Data Movement

5. Semi Structured Data

6. Micro partitions & Clustering

7. Snowflake Account & Security

8. Snowflake Data Sharing

9. Tasks & Streams

10. Snowflake with Other Tools

11. Data Sampling, Masking and Materialized Views

12. Database Replication

13. Data Encryption

14. Best Practices

15. Snowflake Learning Resources

· Offering this course for free, and I hope it may help you in some way to get started with your snowflake journey

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