Skilled Negotiator, an asset for life…


Skilled Negotiator, an asset for life…, Skilled Negotiator.

The Complete Skilled Negotiator is an individual who either possesses, or is conscious of those skills, attributes and attitudes necessary to negotiate effectively at any point on the clock face. They are balanced in their thinking, have their ego in check and are focused on understanding the interests and priorities of the other party. They are chameleon-like in their approach, in that they know how to be what they need to be depending on their circumstances and are not burdened by personal values which wear away at their consciousness. Their ability to read situations, take the time to prepare and have the capacity to think around the issues, as well as deal with the relationship dynamics at the same time, helps them perform in a confident manner.  Most of all, they focus on the potential of the deal rather than trying to win, understanding that being competitive will only serve to attract friction which is generally counterproductive (unless used for a specific purpose).

The clock face is a model for helping you, the Complete Skilled Negotiator, to determine ‘appropriateness’. It is defined by capitalism and reflects how people behave when negotiating. This provides for a conscious approach to negotiation which helps you manage the fear, the ambiguity, the greed and the egos involved.

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