Simplifying The College Application Process from A-Z


Simplifying The College Application Process from A-Z, Applying to College is easier than you think!

Well Rounded Admissions started their company with one goal in mind: to remove the fear and stress out of applying to college. Well Rounded Admissions believe that everyone has access to higher education around the world, if they know the right steps to take!

In this course you will learn how simple applying to college really is! Each module is simplified and easy to follow to help support your hopes and dreams of attending college. This is a beginner level course for those who want to learn how to begin the college application process from start to finish. This course provides a general overview. For individualized support you can find more information at Well Rounded Admissions.

This course comes with videos, PDFs and other resources to help you break down the large task of applying much more simply. Applying to college is a very personal process, therefore please take your time going through this course at it will require time to reflect on the material taught and how to apply it to your situation.

This course is recommended for high school students and parents of a high school student. Students and parents are encouraged to take this course together, to better understanding of the college admissions process and it’s various components.

New college counselors can also benefit from this course and utilize the resources in their own practice.

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