Seni Tembaga : The Art of Copper (SMSSD)


Seni Tembaga : The Art of Copper (SMSSD), History, Art, Copper, Master, Designs.

This course is about Seni Tembaga or art of copper. Student will learn about history of copper, the masters of copper-making, the designs of copper, example of copper-making design and more. Seni Tembaga is one of the art that famous in Malaysia. Seni Tembaga is a traditional art which many elders know how to learn in making it a long time ago. Seni Tembaga is a delicate art which only a master can make it beautiful and smoothly. The price of tembaga or copper is very expensive which make it is one of the expensive art in the world. The process of copper art is very difficult and take a long time to finish it. That’s why only a certain person can make this kind of art. In this course, student can learn a new type of art that famous in Malay community especially in Malaysia. Malay people is one of the very delicate and artistic people in the world that can master in any types of art. Seni Tembaga can help people to relief stress especially for people who’s work. Any designs of copper art that has made, express the feelings of the maker whether the maker was feeling happy, sad, angry and more.

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