Sales Master Class by Dave Kennett -Close more deals!


Sales Master Class by Dave Kennett -Close more deals! We’ve watched thousands of sales calls. Here Dave shares the DNA/Blueprint of winning sales calls for you in 93 videos.

If you are in sales and want to instantly improve, then this is the course for you!

Dave Kennett will guide you through a proven step-by-step approach to sales calls that has quickly become a gold standard in the modern-day remote sales call.  Dave shares secrets that he and his team of 25 sales coaches have taught to companies like: IBM, Vidyard, Pavilion, Outreach, Chargebee, Mindtickle, Klue, Grin, Procurify, Thinkific and countless others!

“Our team got a HUGE amount of value from this!”

Alex Kremer

Director of Sales, Outreach

Close More Deals Right Away

Sales reps who take this course improve their win rates right away.

What’s In the Course:

These 6 modules contain a total of 93 videos. Each lesson video is accompanied by a worksheet and a transcript within the resource section.

Module 1 of 6: Sell Like A Pro

There are basic principles that Top Sales reps consistently follow. There are also very common missteps that even seasoned sales reps make… and don’t even realize.

Sell Like A Pro will ensure that you are 100% clear on the key traits and processes that separate the best from the rest.

Module 2 of 6: Plan For Success

If your competitor is showing up to their sales calls more prepared than you are, you don’t stand a chance.

In Plan For Success, you will be given a Master Checklist of the most important areas to prep for before your next sales call. Never get outmaneuvered by your competition ever again!  Learn how the best reps pre-call plan.

Module 3 of 6: Nail The First Impression

The first impression is everything. How confident are you that you are kicking off your calls in a way that will make a solid first impression?  Building rapport, intros, and setting the agenda are 3 key areas that sound easy but are often not done very well.

In Nail The First Impression, you will learn what the best reps consistently do in the first 5 minutes of the sales call to set up their sales call for success.

Module 4 of 6: Master Your Discovery

Discovery is THE most important part of the whole sales motion. But we know that most sales reps get an average to failing grade at this step.  We’ll show how top reps at top companies Master their Discovery Calls.

Master Your Discovery will ensure you avoid the most common pitfalls that even very tenured sales reps tend to fall victim to. Learn how to navigate through a successful Discovery that allows you to truly unlock the pain your prospect is feeling, quantify that pain, and gain a full understanding of the impact of that pain.

Module 5 of 6: Crush Your Demo / Presentation

Do you feel confident that your Demo calls are top-notch?  Or could you use some industry secrets from the pros?

Crush Your Demo / Presentation will allow you to gain a far better self-awareness about the things that just may be holding you back from being the best possible sales rep you are meant to be.  Learn screen share secrets for remote selling via Zoom, Google Meets, Chorus or Gong etc. from some of the best sales coaches.

Module 6 of 6: Finish Strong & Create Momentum

Do you struggle with creating deal momentum? Ever get ghosted after a great first sales convo? Do your deals get stuck in the first stage of your pipeline?

In Finish Strong & Create Momentum, we teach you the key aspects required to kick deal momentum into high gear. We will teach you how the best reps consistently move their deals through deal stages quicker than their lower-performing counterparts.

Why you should join Replayz Master Class

  • You will close more deals faster!

See what top leaders/reps from top companies say about Replayz Master Class:


“Every sales rep can benefit from Replayz Master Class. This course simply helps you close more deals. Our whole sales team has signed up!”

Josh Kirkham

Team Lead for Vidyard Emerging Sales

“I didn’t realize what I was missing out on until Replayz came into the picture.”

Jay Wang

SDR for ClearDent

“The Replayz Master Class has been a huge benefit to me in my sales journey!”

Adam Sparks

Account Executive for Prokeep

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