Sales Crash Course – B2B Sales Skills & Business Development


Sales Crash Course – B2B Sales Skills & Business Development , Complete Sales Training 2024 – B2B Sales skills, Business Development, Build a strong sales foundation, AI ChatGPT Sales.

What you”ll learn:

  • Learn the most essential sales skills
  • Learn the complete sales cycle, sales processes and the A to Z of sales
  • Learn to use artificial intelligence and ChatGPT in sales
  • Learn how to make sales calls and product demonstrations
  • Become an intelligent sales and business development professional
  • Learn to be confident in every sales conversation
  • Learn to create sales scripts and email templates with ChatGPT
  • Learn to deliver excellent product demonstrations
  • Learn to develop a resilient sales mindset


Welcome to the ultimate sales course. You will learn everything about sales from the basics to advance sales methods, techniques and skills.

In my course you will learn B2C + B2B sales, the most essential sales skills as well as a systematic way to win B2C + B2B sales in 2024. You will also learn how to use artificial intelligence AI in sales and utilize AI tools such as ChatGPT to your advantage.

I will provide you with templates, checklists, sales scripts, practice situations + questions and secret techniques in this sales course. The resources in this course will be available in PDF and Excel formats so you can download them and use them easily.

Course Detail:
This course is for you if you are just starting out in sales and learning how to sell, if you want to pursue a career in sales or if you want to freshen up your sales acumen.

The course breakdown:

  • Planning Your Sales Journey – Create a sales plan and set the right expectations for yourself
  • Understanding the Sales Process– My course will help you establish a strong sales foundation, learn the sales process, sales roles and the sales funnel.

    I will also share popular methods of selling and the important sales terms with you

  • Understanding the Industry – Systematically learn the quickest way to explore your industry, your competitors, and their products and services to give you a competitive edge in sales
  • Product Knowledge and Company – Understand the easiest approach to learn about the product or service you will sell. Shave through the clutter and explore the most important resources that will help you sell and understand the product inside out
  • Application and Delivery – Make sure you apply everything you have learned. Deliver excellent product demonstrations and sales calls.

    Gain real selling experience before making your first sales call independently + learn effective selling techniques

  • Sales Skills Simplified – Techniques to learn problem solving, communication, negotiation and persuasion, relationship building and research in the simplest way possible
  • Using Artificial Intelligence AI in Sales – Configure and use ChatGPT effectively. Learn prompt engineering in sales and learn to create sales scripts and email templates
  • Measuring Success – Techniques to develop a successful sales mindset and a practice test to help you analyze the efficacy and effectiveness of this training

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to excel in your sales career and close customers.

What is extra in this course?

With lifetime access to 35+ high quality videos, you get templates, checklists, sales scripts, guides, quizzes, and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Furthermore, you will have the option to message me your questions directly.
There are also special and exclusive sales techniques and selling styles explained throughout the course.

Why this course?

I guarantee you will not need any other course or resource to learn the simplest and most systematic way of doing sales from scratch and to up-skill yourself.

  • My course is power-packed with a tried and tested formula and includes leanings and experience of closing 2000+ sales
  • Practical selling techniques that you can apply moments after learning them
  • I constantly upgrade my course and add answers to your questions
  • Step by Step and simplified explanations of complex B2B selling
  • Easy methods to help you demonstrate products, make sales calls, and write emails
  • Develop yourself to become professional and close like clockwork
  • Save yourself the confusion, time, and effort of haphazardly making mistakes while selling
  • Augment artificial intelligence(AI) in your sales initiatives and sales strategies
  • Update your status from novice sales representative to veteran sales master
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