Root Cause Analysis: Certification


Root Cause Analysis: Certification, Root Cause Analysis: Certification.

Having the ability to Root Cause an issue as it arises within a team or organization is a hugely important skill to have. With this course, you will learn how to deliver effective root cause analysis in a range of situations and scenarios. You will leave the course understanding how to reduce the errors and issues plaguing your key processes and outputs. You will be able to effectively improve the quality of your processes, products and services by reducing defects in how they are delivered. You will know how to utilize the tools available to generate insight into the actual causes of your biggest problems, giving you the information needed to identify the right solutions and fixes, quickly.

In this course, you will learn:

– What is a root cause analysis?

– What is the process required to conduct an root cause analysis? (The 8D Process).

– The purpose and importance of root cause analysis.

– Tools and methods required for root cause analysis.

– Key points to consider when conducting root cause analysis (controls, causes, types, people etc.)

– A case study example.

Organizations today are crying out for people that have the skills, knowledge and toolkits available to pivot quickly when a problem or issue occurs. Having these skills will enable you to remove bottlenecks quicker, understand the origins of errors better and in turn, speed up your key processes. THIS is adding value to your organization – something that organizational leaders will be keen to see!

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