Revit MEP- HVAC- Duct design, Revit 3D Modeling


Revit MEP- HVAC- Duct design, Revit 3D Modeling, Comprehensive Duct Modeling in HVAC Systems: Learn Duct Types, Duct Fittings & Accessories, Duct Systems, Air Terminals.

Note: This is a project-based Course where all the topics covered have been examined on real-world projects.

  • Are you a Mechanical Engineer looking to enhance your skills in professional HVAC and Duct modeling?
  • Are you interested in learning practical techniques for modeling various types of ducts and addressing technical considerations?
  • Would you like to gain hands-on experience by working on project-based exercises?

This course is highly practical and suitable for both HVAC and architectural and electrical engineers to easily utilize. In addition to teaching various duct modeling techniques, the course covers technical aspects outlined in standards and essential implementation considerations.

What’s fascinating is that these concepts are presented in a simplified manner to benefit beginners while being highly applicable for HVAC specialists. This course follows a project-based approach, where we model three projects from scratch, covering all the necessary details. Upon completing this course, you will become a proficient duct modeling professional.


  1. Duct Modeling with Tee, Tap, and Wye Fittings
  2. Visualization of Various Air Terminals and Connection Methods to Ducts
  3. Exploring Different Types of Dampers in Duct Systems
  4. Understanding System Types in Duct Modeling
  5. Addressing and Resolving Possible Warnings and Errors in Duct Drawings
  6. Interpretation and Creation of New Fittings using Edit Type
  7. Linking CAD Drawings and Configuring Settings
  8. Managing Visibility: Hiding and Unhiding Elements
  9. Mastering the View Range Command for Precise Duct Modeling
  10. Duct Drawing in Toilet Projects
  11. Duct Modeling in Parking Projects
  12. Duct Design for Office Building Projects

Please watch this course and feel free to ask me any questions you have while watching it. Additionally, during the learning BIM Process, ask me questions so that I can guide you.

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