Real Estate Investing


Real Estate Investing, A complete guide for first time home buyers and investors in Real Estate . It covers Canadian Real Estate Market.

This course is a complete guide to Real Estate Investing . If you are a first time home buyer or a real estate investor looking for passive income this course is really helpful .

We would be covering following topics :

´Ways of Investing in real estate : In this topic we would be discussing ways of investing in real estate. You can invest in residential properties , commercial properties or REITs. (Real estate investment trusts )

´Benefits of Investing in Real estate : In this topics we would be discussing why it is important to get access to this asset class . We would be taking about historical real estate growth , rental income , tax exemptions etc

´Things that impact Real estate prices: In this topic we would be discussing topics like demand and supply dynamics , interest rate , inflation and central bank policies that impact real estate prices

´Strategies for mortgage : In this topic we would discussing how to structure a mortgage , how to save on CMHC insurance fees , how to decide a term of the mortgage , how to structure prepayment on the mortgage

´Checklist for buying : In this topic we would be discussing things like condo document reviews , understanding a sellers market and buyers market, choosing a real estate agent and closing the deal .

´Checklist for selling – In this topic we would be discussing things like staging the property , selecting a real estate agent , understanding the real estate commission and closing the sale .

´Accessing your home equity without selling – We would discuss topics like what is home equity , reverse mortgage and second mortgage .

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