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Reactify & Elevate Django with TinyMCE and OpenAI, Learn the fundamentals of integrating React, TinyMCE, OpenAI, and Django to build a powerful way to create landing pages.

Course Description

Django is a powerful backend built in Python. React.js is a powerful front end built in JavaScript. The two together bring a full-stack dynamic-ness that’s hard to match.

TinyMCE has been a stable of Django developers for over a decade. Why? It provides a powerful What You See Is What You Get Editor (aka WYSIWYG) allowing non-technical team members to build out complex HTML pages without writing a single line of code. For the more technical, TinyMCE also offers powerful ways to modify this content inline.

TinyMCE just got a power boost by leveraging AI tools to really up your game on building out WYSIWYG-managed HTML pages in seconds. In other words, taking the best of TinyMCE and OpenAI GPTs (any version really) or Llama 3 or whatever generative AI comes next. We’ll show you how to implement this as well.

Here’s all the topics that are included in this 100% free course:

  • Creating a Django project
  • Using Vite to create and manage a React project
  • Modern integration with Django + React
  • Custom Django Middleware
  • Implementing React-based TinyMCE
  • Saving and retrieving TinyMCE data via Django and React
  • Building a pure Django REST API to handle front-end data. (e.g. a precursor to something like the Django Rest Framework)
  • Implement OpenAI for One-Click Generating WYSIWYG Landing Page Content
  • Embedding YouTube Videos in TinyMCE

While this might seem like a super advanced Django course, I worked hard to make it as approachable for beginners as possible while allowing more expert devs to jump around as needed.

The code is available as a free download as a zip file or directly from GitHub. We also have student-only resources available as PDF downloads.

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