QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2022, 2021, 2020, & 2019


QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2022, 2021, 2020, & 2019, Comprehensive QuickBooks course that starts at the basics and moves forward in a well planned and understandable way.

This comprehensive course will provide an understanding of QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2022, 2021, 2020, & 2019 in a format beneficial to both beginners & advanced users.

We will start at the basics & go far beyond simple data entry, explaining how the software works in a clear step by step format.

We continually update this course, making it a community and recourse you can regularly return to and learn from. Current students will have access to the updates as they are created.

How can I get access to the software?

If you do not have access to QuickBooks, Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks, often provides a free 30-day trial, perfect for our needs.

  • Try typing into your favorite browser: Download a trial of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Students at accredited educational institutions may be able to get access to a trial version that lasts a year rather than 30 days. Try typing into your favorite browser: QuickBooks Desktop for Students

QuickBooks updates the software each year and we updated the course content each year, so you have the latest look and feel of the software.

One benefit of QuickBooks Desktop is that you can use the same software for multiple years. Therefore, you may have an older version of the software or may work with a client using an older version of the software.

Along with the most current software, this course will also include demonstrations in older versions of the software so that users can refer them when needed. We will also provide backup files related to older versions of the software that can be used to work through practice problems.

Note that there are some drawbacks to updating the course each year we want to be upfront about. We think the benefits outweigh the problems.

The course can feel bloated with content as we work similar demonstrations in new versions of the software. We will add the new content to the top of the course so you can jump right into the newest version. Each version of the software will include at least 25 hours of content once completed which makes it one of the most comprehensive courses you will find.

Adding new counted each year also makes it a little more difficult to fulfill the requirements for Udemy to provide a certificate of completion. However, you do not need to watch each video to receive the certificate of completion. Once you have finished the portion of the course that relates to you, the rest of the videos can be marked as completed manually, allowing Udemy to issue the certificate of completion.

This course will start at the basics, assuming you know nothing about the software or accounting.

We will start by comparing the different versions of QuickBooks. We will then go through the purchasing process, the downloading process, and the installation process.

The first half of the course will be dedicated to navigating the software, getting a feel for the major components of the software, and the primary accounting cycles such as the customer section or revenue cycle, the vendor section or payments cycle, and the employee section or payroll cycle.

Once we learn the primary sections or accounting cycles we will analyze the forms and transactions within each section, considering the impact each has on the financial statements.

The second half of the course will be in the format of a comprehensive problem, working through two months of data impute.

We will enter every standard type of transaction as we work through the comprehensive problem. The comprehensive problem format will provide context to the data entry process, so we understand how the data impute fits into the accounting workflow.

A comprehensive problem also allows us to do more than simple data entry, data entry generally being the easiest part of the accounting process. We will be able to see how to set up the system to make the data entry as easy as possible.

We will also be able to see the impact on the financial statements of every transaction we make and be able to check our work after each transaction.

QuickBooks backup files will be provided. Backup files allow us to restore a data file and are very useful for learning. Backup files permit us to jump forward in a practice problem and have the data needed to work along with the step by step presentations, having the same data as is in the example presentation, in our system as we start the practice problem. Backup files also allow us to rework a problem or start over if we make an error.

If a course teaches in the form of a comprehensive problem, the best way to teach, and they do not provide backup files you will need to start the problem with no data and then follow the entire problem without any errors to line up with each step of the example problem being presented. Backup files allow you much more flexibility, being able to jump to future parts of the practice problem or rework any part of the problem.

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