100% OFF- Python Learning for Network Engineers Automation Masterclass


Python Learning for Network Engineers Automation Masterclass, 100% Hands-on Python training session with real time Network Automation usecases (SSH, NETCONF, RESTCONF& API examples).

Course Description

Learn Network Automation skills from scratch to an advanced level.

For attending this course you don’t need any prior coding experience.

You will be learning all the required Python concepts in a practical way with Networking Examples

This will help you to get into the exciting world of most trending technology and raise your earning potential.

This course is designed for Network Engineers with less or no coding experience.

Throughout the session, we will be using Linux OS (preferably Ubuntu) for running Python scripts.

The IDE is PyCharm and Cisco devices will be used for demonstrating most of the device interactions. (vIOS, IOS-XE, NXOS etc)

  • The course will be starting with SSH fundamentals
  • Initially, Course will take you through Paramiko, Netmiko, NAPALM and Nornir Libraries’ fundamentals
  • Paramiko invoke_shell and exec_command methods
  • Methods supported in Netmiko for device interactions
  • How to do Configuration parsing using Regular Expressions over SSH
  • How to enable logging in the script with a log file or event email triggers
  • How to schedule the Script execution without keeping the terminal opened
  • How to do IP address and subnet validations using Python
  • How to do multithreading for parallel execution on multiple devices
  • Read and write contents to a text file, JSON, YAML, and XML
  • Manage device inventories or config details in CSV files
  • Read the configuration data from CSV, YAML, JSON, or text files
  • How to use textfsm template
  • How to use Jinja2 templates for creating multiline configuration templates with loops or conditions
  • How to use NAPALM for multivendor support
  • How to use getters in NAPALM
  • How to use config merge, config compare, config replace and config rollback in NAPALMcreate
  • What is Nornir Framework
  • How to create an inventory file in Nornir
  • How to create tasks in Nornir
  • What are plugins in Nornir
  • NETCONF/YANG Data models with real-time examples
  • Netconf Automation using Python Ncclient
  • RESTCONF API Automation using Requests
  • Raspberry Pi Mocropython Network Monitoring and Automation examples

Course Update log (Latest Topics):
June 2023: Raspberry Pi Micro Python
May 2023: Command Line Arguments using Argparse
April 2023:VMWare ESXi CLI automation using Python

Python Fundamentals Covered:

  • Strings and String Methods
  • Bytes and Unicode
  • Exception handling
  • stdin, stdout, stderr in Python
  • File Operations
  • Config HTML Comparison using Python
  • Regex Fundamentals
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • if, else, elif
  • Functions and Modules
  • Object Oriented Programming: Classes Basics
  • Multithreading
  • lists, dictionaries, and its methods
  • sets, tuples
  • Pycharm debug Example
  • Mutable vs Immutable
  • datetime
  • schedule
  • Logging
  • Enumerate
  • Tabulate
  • Itemgettes
  • List comprehension
  • copy and deep copy
  • subprocess
  • JSON
  • XML
  • YAML
  • Mocropython for beginners
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