Public International Law (Module 4)-Law of ITL Institutions


Public International Law (Module 4)-Law of ITL Institutions, The Evolution of Law of International Institutions (From League of Nations to WTO).

The Course will explain the organizational structure of the United Nations and the Division of responsibilities between the various specialized organs of The United Nations. The course will enable the learner to appreciate as to how the Trusteeship Council had made its job redundant by ensuring that today there is no part of the world under Colonial Domination. The Lectures 3, 4 and 5 will chronicle the events that took place in the cold war era, the Post Cold war era and the 3rd millennial arrival of China as the most dominant economic power in the world. Lectures 6 and 7 will chronicle the success and failures of United Nations Peacekeeping forces. The rest will focus on GATT and World Trade Organization. The lecture will also focus on the reforms to the organs of the United States more particularly the vexed issue of not inducting Additional Permanent Members to the United Nations Security Council by inducting members such as Germany, Japan, India, Turkey etc. The course will also analyse as to how India which was perceived to be a Non-Aligned Russian friendly developing country is becoming an important political and economic ally of the United States of America and Europe.

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