Psychedelic Integration Basics Certificate Course


Psychedelic Integration Basics Certificate Course, How to properly integrate after your psychedelic sessions.

Welcome to Psychedelic Integration | Entheogenic Basics Certificate

Are you ready to learn how to integrate some of the deepest feelings & insights you may ever have in your life!

This course is facilitated by curandero & psychedelic guide, rev. Gabriel Castillo was designed to be incredibly practical and informative. This is extremely beneficial for anyone new to psychedelic integration.

Don’t integrate your psychedelic experiences alone without knowing the basic stages of Integration after plant medicine journeys!

Did you know Psychedelic Integration sessions can cost upwards of $100 for an hour-long session?

With this course, you are finally able to skip the middle man and develop the skills & questions needed for deeper self-exploration (post ceremony). You will also be provided intentional affirmations to help aid the transition through each stage!

– Learn The 7 Stages To Psychedelic Integration

– Master The Questions Needed For Deeper Self Exploration

– Become Your Own Healer with this self-paced psychedelic integration course/ work along

– Develop skills that will make you a better Psychonaut & lead to personal transformation

– Cut out the middlemen & receive the direct benefits!

Our goal for this course is to provide you with everything needed to safely integrate your past. present, and future psychedelic sessions! We don’t want you spending hundreds of dollars on something you can accomplish & master yourself. We want you to become your own healer.

*** Completion of this course comes with a certificate for Psychedelic Integration | Entheogenic Basics

(equipping you with the skills to be able to safely integrate your own psychedelic journeys) ***

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