Project Management


Project Management , Planning and Scheduling.

What you”ll learn:

  • Roles and responsibilities of project manager
  • Project management life cycle
  • Identify project activities, their durations and their relationships
  • Schedule using a Gantt chart and precedence diagram method
  • Estimate project timelines and budget using S-Curve
  • Resource management, resource histogram and resource smoothing
  • Procurement management
  • Identify and analyze project risks
  • Monitor and control project using S-Curve Envelope

Course Description

This course will be covering all the project management phases in its life cycle from initiation to closure. We will learn how to conduct a feasibility study and using swot analysis to analyze if our project will be successful or not.

You will learn about project scope management and work breakdown structure of the activities for the project to be executed and identifying project stakeholders so that we can get our project charter ready for the project. You will know all about activities relationships and their durations and their productivity rates. We will cover how to sequence activities and how to schedule them in a Gantt chart or bar chart and even scheduling using precedence diagram method.

We will also cover resource management and their types and how to read a resource histogram and how to do resource smoothing when the project team has put a limit to the resources being used. You will also learn about what is procurement management and the step by step process of procurement.

Cost budgeting will also be included in this course and we will learn how to estimate costs like labour and constructing an S-Curve to know how to analyze the s-curve of the cumulative costs we have in our project.

This course will teach you about risk management and how to evaluate the likelihood of the risk until we reach the execution phase and how to monitor and control the execution phase all the way to project closure.

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